To lie awake
in a pool of dreams
and ride the waves of the midnight streams
sipping the decadence of happiness
with every pull of air
extracted from each breathe,
is the epitome of birth and death.
And though the perfume of sadness persists,
I lick away the very last taste from my lips
and indulge,
in a symphony of bittersweet evolution
and come to a realization
that there is no solution.
For “time” is a concept, a mere illusion
synthesized by man himself.
Yet we live in a world
where questioning one’s very own existence
is madness
pure madness.
And regardless of the severity of our resistance
we cannot fathom
the immeasurable distance
that is the universe,
the mind.
And so I lie awake and dream
until my eyes are umber green
cradled into an everlasting slumber
forgetting all which I have seen.


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