Waterfalls pouring outside my window, as I listen to the sodium fall.  I’m the captain of my ship sinking below, releasing my anchor to cradle and all.

Lights out, as I lull myself to a slumber; my blankets are waves, I’m the bay. A cup of tea by my side to enjoy the ride, as I raise it to say, “What a day.”

Have no fear in the darkness, no fear in the rain ,flow steady on the lovely sea. Let the ripples of tea wash all of the pain, down the drain as your lay here with me.

A good ole’ tale rests, in the seashell of my palm, as it comes to life in my dreams. Above this vacant world the stars are drawn in the sky of the ocean’s streams.

I rest in the benthos, the south of the deep as they float above us, their arms to extend. My grip tightens around you as I exclaim with a grin, “We’ll go down together my auriferous friend.”


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