If only I could give her

all of the world

in a little box,

filled with flowers and pearls.

And then she would love me,

and then she would see,

that everything here

is for her, not for me.


The dazzle in those smokey eyes

gives purpose to the sun’s redundant rise.


The mountains on her hips

trace a trail of passion leading to her lips;

luscious waves flowing on her head

bring vigorous currents to rest on the seabed.


The ability to perceive

the opportunity to believe,

that the universe would give birth to such a being

is far beyond anything that can be seen.


How in the world did something so pure

arrive at my arms;

I can never be sure.


And though I am undeserving,


and cold.

The warmth from her body

radiatiating like gold,

will nourish and harvest

the fruits that I bore

for her to consume,

for her to adore.

once more.

once more.


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  1. Joseph Walker says:

    I especially love the description “her smokey eyes” and the line “The mountains on her hips trace a trail of passion leading to her lips”. Simply beautiful imagery.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. theflamingpinecone says:

    Thank you Joseph! Very warming to hear that from you.


  3. C Ell says:

    I hope she knew
    That your heart wept,

    Overflowing with



    That she could be had and lost?

    That such a one could exist?

    In the same time
    The same place
    The same moment as you?

    I hope she knew
    That you were enraptured.

    That your heart skipped a beat
    Whenever hers did,

    That you shivered
    When she shuddered,

    That you had goosebumps
    When she gasped,

    Smiled when she laughed..

    That you wished it would last

    Each exalted moment a candle’s flicker
    The blink of a star across eternity
    The tick of a clock
    A sigh

    I hope she knew

    How fleeting?
    How remotely rare
    Are these moments
    Her hands
    In your hair
    Her lips
    On your lips
    On your hips

    I hope she knew

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    1. theflamingpinecone says:

      You are stunning…
      simply stunning. Thank you for sharing this masterpiece


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