I Refuse


I Refuse.

I refuse to apologize for my reproductive system;

 for my monthly menstruation and my ruby stained garments.

   I refuse to apologize for my tight fitting blouses,

     for the curves defined by my slim denim trousers.

       I refuse to apologize for not wearing a bra,

         for being deemed as  “inappropriate” and “promiscuous”.

           because in that itself is a flaw.

             I refuse to be forced to mask my natural complexion,

               to meet the world’s standards of what is perfection.

            I refuse to wear dresses that extend above my knees

         because you label that as sexy, as if I’m here to please


    How dare you,

 tell me what to do,

what to say,

how to act,

what to wear.

  Do I deprive you of air?

     I refuse to shelter myself; my body and soul

       for I am my own human

         for I am in control.

      I refuse to be scolded, I refuse to be judged

    for possessing an anatomy that you hold a grudge


So step back, and take a deep breath

 and go worry about your damn self.

   Because the verbs that you speak

     and the egos you crush

       can consume, can destroy,

          to the brink of destruction, self-loathing and fear;

            You think that you’re clever,

               Yet you know that you’re no better

                  than her, him, or me.

            I apologize for nothing.

        Not a single thing.

    Not a single damn word.


I refuse

I refuse not to be heard.

*art work by unknown artist

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