Liquid Gold Love


Liquid gold love,
Poured from her ruby-beet heart.
Net worth more than Bill Gates,
Money’s whatever,
She’d rather make art.
Swimming through cement layered streets,
She’s a shark in the city.
Daily grind on her mind,
Chair of the No Fucks Given Committee.
Swipe left, swipe left, till there’s no one left.
She has books on her lap,
No time for a threat.
Then one sunny day in June,
A special someone made her swoon
A little buzz, a lil lift, ain’t that the best of lovin’?
Beach vibes had them goin’,
Sunshine in their eyes.
Music for the moment,
Stomachs packed with butterflies.
Summer syrup lullabies,
Stella to his PBR
Cubbie in a White Sox bar.
Sugar coated cotton dream,
Lovebug to his honeybee.
Oh what a blur, what a time.
Such high regard for now, so little care for why.
High off happiness, drunky pants from love,
Touching fingers, staring at clouds above.
Steamy late night showers with the windows wide open,
Both singing “Caroline”  as they got each other soapy.
Notes left on the bed with a, “P.S, I love you”
Hammock swing cuddles, no time to feel blue.
Kisses on foreheads, cheeks and eyes,
Flowers for no reason, just to surprise.
Rain sounds pouring from her iPhone
Head pressed to his chest,
And a little love made in the city
For all the hatred and unrest.


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