I see you.
Hips swimming in hot pools of body and breath,
eyes closed, all you feel is sound tugging at your waist.
He’s pulling your hair
you come up for air
And I help.
Wish it wasn’t so unfair.
Greedy, but all I want is to share,
Caress this radiating energy
In the stillness of my arms.
Wrap, wrap around me love,
Melt, melt
Into one.
Two crayons, coloring on forever.
won’t drain these hues,
Not now, not ever.
Don’t think,
They’ll ever fade.

Look, how you fit beside me,
Made a mold, convenient view.
Whatever cookie cutter touch you have,
Got me now, true to size,
still only room for you.

Fuck me up girl,
Never been so vulnerable,
Can’t escape this gravity.
Cleanse my tongue, where’s my wisdom?
Pause this dream reality.

Oh dear, what realm you pull me into?
Long as I don’t turn back,
don’t care, we don’t have to,
Go away.
Black hole, black abyss you are,
just don’t leave me afar.

Took my soul,
Placed it on your chest afire,
burrowed deeply in your bosom
Elevation got me higher.

Honey kisses teasing me.
Don’t stop now,
Let me unravel thee,
Into marmalade,
Into caramel,
Into buttercream
Eternal sweetness.
You can guess it,
You’re my weakness.
You’re the one.
Don’t stop.
Keep going,
Keep going..
Keep going…


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