Abuelitas roosting on the block
pecking sunflower seeds.

kids on boards with wheels
flying little dragons goons
puffing weeds.

Men in orange vests with bricks
catcalling on mamas

Honeys with the Henney, tailored suits
and boots
fuckin up some comma’s.

But trees got some chisme too
we just can’t quite hear it.
And I don’t know about you
But I bet it smacks like a lyric.

“These people man…
some ungrateful bitches”
“We be their life support
yet all they are is snitches”

“Say it louder for the ferns in the back”
“One of these days I’m gonna snatch my O2 tank
and give em all a heart attack”

“Yea, no more hemp sweaters for any of ya’ll!
We keeping reserves solely for the beasts
cause they the ones that break our fall”

“So lets keep going
and keep on showing
how tall, how big we gonna grow.
One day these fools will kill themselves
and we’ll get back our own chatteau”

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