Some life, huh?

laughing crying eating breathing sleeping reading drinking feeling dreaming driving swimming skydiving seeing trying winning losing biking hiking swiping typing smoking dancing loving hating financing writing working painting thinking moving. What the hell am I doing?              

C^2 Breakfast

It’s snowing in Chicago right now We’re nearly in May Woke up at 11 on a Saturday Reached for the bowl, Steam my daily greens Forgot that I’m sick, Doc said to find other means. “But I have needs, I have to write.” “Now, now, everything’s gonna be just alright” For the better I suppose…

Suddenly, I am.

Within my dreams I am a field of soil A gentle rain The timid sun. Once sweet slumber arrives To caress my mind I am everything, and yet I am no one. Within my dreams A flower blooms inside of me. I give it only what I can the gift of life the birth of…


It’s tough finding myself again When you’ve helped me to in the first place. Weird. Now I’m in awe, Stupefied; Disappointed to have forgotten how to be me without you. Pretty terrifying to say the least; melting into someone’s existence; what a nightmare.